Web Design Services
Static | CMS | ECommerce | Mobile)

  • "Look and feel" - Unique, modern web branding aligned with your marketing plan.
  • "Visitor Retention" - Sliders, carousels, lightboxes, etc. to capture visitor attention and increases ‘dwell’ time.
  • "Search Foundation" - Canonicalization, Redirects, htaccess, custom 404 page, valid XHTML - We cross the 'i's and dot the 't's, to make sure that your site has a solid foundation for being found on Google.
  • Back End Engineering (MySQL, PHP)- We can provide custom back-end functionality or business web applications to make your business more efficient.

SEO Services
An Agile SEO methodology

  • Envision Phase - Includes SEO Audit, competitive analysis, keyphrase analysis & ranks. This phase discovers the state of your website and social media relative to your competition, and identifies the activities & key phrases on which to focus.
  • "Sprints" - Each Sprint is a 1 to 3 month subproject, focused on expanding your Search and Social Media visibility and authority for a limited number of prioritized key phrases by using all available inbound marketing methods - on-site SEO, off-site SEO (link-building, etc.), content strategy, and social media strategy and automation. There may be 2 to 12 Sprints in a project, depending on project duration and budget. Sprints prioritize work for quick results and maximum impact.

Analytics Setup and Support
Monitor, Measure, & Convert

  • Setup site traffic analysis to
  • Track Visitors statistics
  • Track Traffic sources
  • Monitor Performance against goals
  • Find which content / configurations work
  • Determine site 'hot' and 'cold' spots
  • Establish conversion and improvement strategies.