Web Design Cost

Web design costs depend on the work required. We pride ourselves on our ability to make high quality websites available to small and medium sized businesses at affordable prices. We typically provide hard quotes based on a written scope that we develop with the client. Where the scope is more fluid, we can contract on an hourly basis.

Ongoing maintenance is available in prepaid packages (of 5 hour increments) after a site is up and running.

SEO Cost

On pure SEO projects, we follow an Agile SEO methodology. The "Envision" phase (including SEO audit, competitive analysis and keyphrase analysis) establishes exactly where we are and where we need to go. This phase is usually quoted as a fixed cost. For the following "Sprints" (fast subprojects focused on just a few keyphrases each) there is generally a monthly retainer for the duration of the entire project (usually 6 months to a year). Hours exceeding those allowed in the retainer need to be approved by the client and are billed seperately.